The Voice of America’s Lumber Community

The U.S. Lumber Coalition is an alliance of large and small softwood lumber producers from around the country, joined by their employees and woodland owners, working to address Canada’s unfair lumber trade practices

About the Industry

The U.S. lumber industry is critical to the prosperity and growth of U.S. manufacturing and local communities nationwide. Around the country, the industry is responsible for:


Number of manufacturing facilities.

350,000 Jobs

Across America, including highly-skilled jobs utilizing robotics and 3D imaging, as well as high-paying jobs that don’t require college degrees.

420 Million

Acres of timberlands owned by 10 million individual family forest landowners.

Why We Need the Full Enforcement of the U.S. Trade Laws

The enforcement of current U.S. trade laws can ensure free and fair trade. Implementing and enforcing an effective framework that prevents subsidized Canadian softwood lumber producers dumping their product in the U.S.

The U.S. industry is capable of supplying most of today’s lumber demand. And with the proper enforcement of U.S. trade laws, or with the development of a new Softwood Lumber Agreement, more American homes can be built with American lumber milled by American workers.



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