The Voice of America’s Lumber Community

The U.S. Lumber Coalition is an alliance of large and small softwood lumber producers from around the country, joined by their employees and woodland owners, working to address Canada’s unfair lumber trade practices

About the Industry

The U.S. lumber industry is critical to the prosperity and growth of U.S. manufacturing and local communities nationwide. These workers, their families, timberland owners, downstream industries and communities across the country — from Maine to Montana, to Oregon, to Florida — are the reason we advocate for fair trade policies.

500 Manufacturing Facilities

Our facilities are all over the nation adding to the prosperity and growth of a nation.

750,000 Jobs

Around the country, the industry is responsible for over 500 manufacturing facilities operating in the sawmill, millwork, and treating sectors. These facilities support about 750,000 jobs across America, including highly-skilled jobs utilizing robotics and 3D imaging, as well as high-paying skilled jobs that don’t require college degrees and 420 million acres of family-owned timberlands.

420 Million Acres of Timberlands

There are 420 million acres of timberlands owned by 10 million individual family forest landowners.

A Dependable Supply of American Made Lumber Helps Build American Dreams

Policy & Issues

The U.S. Lumber Coalition actively fights to ensure a level playing field for the hardworking men and women of the industry. Here are the key issues.

Community Voices