The U.S. Lumber Coalition

The United States Lumber Coalition (USLC) is an alliance of large and small softwood lumber producers from across the country and is the only coalition that represents the interests of the lumber community in the United States.

Our goal is to ensure all American lumber producers are treated fairly on the global stage and are not subject to unfair trade practices, exemplified by Canada’s current lumber duties which unfairly manipulate the price of lumber.

The U.S. lumber industry is responsible for 550 manufacturing facilities supporting more than 750,000 jobs in the United States, making it a critical sector for both local and national economies.

Canadian Subsidies and Dumping

Canada’s lumber subsidies threaten America’s Main Street economy by unfairly devaluing the price of softwood lumber.

Lumber Supply and Housing Affordability

American lumber producers have the capacity to provide most of the domestic demand for lumber but are restricted by unfairly traded Canadian imports.

WTO Dispute Settlement Panel

WTO Member Countries Are Using the WTO to Dismantle the U.S. Trade Laws

Trade Law and Duties

The enforcement of U.S. trade laws is critical for American lumber manufacturers and timberland owners.

Eliminating USMCA Chapter 10 /NAFTA Chapter 19

NAFTA Chapter 19, now USMCA Chapter 10, is an unconstitutional provision that applies when a NAFTA country uses its fair-trade laws against another country’s imports. This is a huge win for Canadian lumber producers looking to dump lumber in the U.S.

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