Why NAFTA Chapter 19/USMCA Chapter 10 Must be Eliminated

“Chapter 19,” the common name for the dispute resolution mechanism included in the North American Free Trade Agreement—and now Chapter 10 in the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA)—allows Canada and Mexico to circumvent the U.S. judicial system and force the U.S. government to reverse its actions it has taken against unfair trade.

Chapter 19/10 harms the over 750,000 individuals involved in the U.S. lumber industry and creates an unfair system of trade. The U.S. industry will pursue all legal options to ensure it is not harmed by the Chapter 19/10 system as the system is:

  1. Unconstitutional
  2. Costs American jobs & growth
  3. Infringes on U.S. sovereignty

Hear first-hand from U.S. lumber mill owner Chuck Roady of F.H. Stoltze Land & Lumber here.